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KSK Group of Companies is a multinational corporate organization. It has its undertakings running in India and the Middle East. The KSK Group, under the pristine vision and steadfast leadership of its founder, Mr. Shaji Kutty, an industrialist and philanthropist; is engaged in myriad business operations that covers a number of areas including, but not just limited to; Oil and Gas , Energy , Petrochemical , Refinery , Infrastructure industry, Real estate , Property development and Plantations etc.

We, the KSK Group, acknowledges the necessity and the importance of choosing a reliable partner which unquestionably requires keen attention and due diligence in the international market. Because without a credible partner, any strategy whatsoever made, is doomed to failure. At KSK, we recognize our responsibilities and the trust bestowed by our clients upon us. Every time someone selects us as their supplier, we make sure to gladden them with our impeccable quality, timely delivery, precise communication and remarkable professional approach.

Contribute to the growth of professionals and the society by creating maximum job opportunities.

Excellence and Quality are our driving forces and we at "KSK GROUP" strive to maintain the highest standards of workmanship and customer service across all our projects. Uniquely competent in every field incorporating high level quality and commitment.

KSK group of companies divisions administer in compliance with stringent quality controls and assurance standards and are governed by the Group's policies, as well as relevant national and international standards. Our Management and work forces are rigidly indulged in maintaining the caliber of their particular services without compromising with the quantity or any other particulates. Our employees, although are assigned varied roles that more than often don't go together, but even so, each of them collectively speak one voice. We strive hard to establish sustainable satisfaction for both our work force and our consumers. Through high quality service and innovative solutions, we ascertain trustful partnerships with our customers. Creativity and the sources to cater it can be found in every field. Innovation is one of the key essentials that drives the force of inspiration. This is the very reason to why we keep encouraging our people to create a competitive edge by remaining open-minded to new ideas and new approaches.

Hardships are the mandatory bars in every arena and to overcome them with extraordinary excellence is to achieve success. We precisely work on our entire system to bring out the best. We dare to do things differently, to find a better way. The nature of the Group's activities makes it necessary to raise employee awareness within the faction about the value of a corporate culture that is open and promotes distinct traditions, values and ventures. This approach has been the focus of specially designed endeavors. The kind of projects we work on spans around years to cover many industrial sectors.